About Me

Authenticity, Spiritual and Life Transition Coach

Hello to those wanting to live unapologetically!

I'm Jen Stone! Entrepreneur, Advocate for Authenticity and Spiritual Light Worker! I am devoted to helping you find, remember  and remain your beautiful self, so you can live your best authentic life. 

Born and raised in Iowa. I found my calling one day while sitting at my work computer. I recognized what I loved to do, was not what I was doing daily and it was time to go live my best life. A life of balance, love, acceptance, independence and service to others. One in which I help and truly make a difference in the life of someone else.  

My experience: 

While my 16 years in corporate America was not my final calling. The experience of interacting with so many amazing and diverse people at different career levels, helped me intricately get to know, love and understand a vast variety of personalities. This has led me to all of you! I help you identify your truths (who you are or are meant to be), find the areas of life that are no longer working for you anymore, reclaim the life you want to live and help you take meaningful steps towards maintainable change.

I also incorporate spiritual healing into my practice. While going through my own personal journey with healing, I naturally gravitated to more spiritual healers to move me forward in life. I am a strong advocate of self-care that includes meditation, yoga, reiki, astrology, angel readings, acupuncture, hypnotherapy etc. If interested in those self-care options, feel free to ask me about my experiences. I'd love to share the wonderful healing they have provided me over the years. 


If you are: 

If you are encountering life or people telling you who you should be or going through the following major life changes and trying to remember/figure out who you are: Moving out of your childhood home, going to college, trying to figure out your first career, getting your first career, getting married, having a baby, going through a divorce, losing someone you love (grief), going or trying to get over a traumatic past or present.  


Are you ready:

If you are ready to reshape your life or to be/find yourself again. Contact me to learn more. I would love to help you find/keep you down the path of authenticity. To live your best life, being your imperfectly perfect self! 

My Mission:

To teach, inspire and empower men and women to remember their unique gifts, build their self-confidence, express themselves meaningfully, create balanced relationships and find the work they love. I help you be your best unapologetic you!

My Vision for you: 

To help you live a life of love, peace and inner harmony , one without constant internal conflict. My vision for you is that you and your family are happy and healthy. Your relationships are balanced and mutually fulfilling. You are  authentic and able to use your unique gifts, in doing so your relationships with yourself, others and your career prosper. 

Bridge Over River